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The most complete and extensive set in the Kynett range. With this multifunctional wall installation you have everything in 1! The innovative design makes it possible to switch between upper and lower body in no time. Top and bottom pulleys allow all exercises to be performed on the Kynett ULTIMATE!


Eccentric Training/Gym

An innovative and effective way of training! With the Kynett ULTIMATE you will face both concentric and eccentric resistance. Due to the fast spinning disc, the Kynett ULTIMATE will also gather after your pull, just like a yo-yo. The harder you pull on the string, the faster it will be pulled back afterwards. This is why you don't only train when you pull, but also when you brake. This creates eccentric resistance, which has been scientifically proven to be extremely effective in building strong muscles and repairing injuries.


All in 1

Kynett ULTIMATE is the all-in-one solution for training all muscle groups. Its innovative design allows you to perform all exercises at a distance of 1.5 meters. This results in huge space and cost savings compared to renting/purchasing expensive gym equipment and large spaces. Additionally, theKynett ULTIMATE offers the ability to train with higher resistances than the Kynett ONE. 6, 8, 10 and 12mm resistance discs are also compatible with the Kynett ULTIMATE!


Kynett ULTIMATE is suitable for rehabilitation, physiotherapy, personal training, fitness improvement and sports-specific training. All muscle groups can be trained (eccentrically), both lightly and intensively, and with speed and strength.

The Kynett ULTIMATE is supplied with high quality plugs and screws. Kynett ULTIMATE is safe to install on concrete/brick walls.


Kynett ULTIMATE will be delivered with:

Wall setup including mounting hardware/screw set
2 resistance discs 6mm
Vest (Kynett Harness)
Multifunctional handle
Tricep rope
Crossfit Grips
Strap (Kynett Ankle Cuff)
2.5 meter strap
Length adjuster (Kynett Webbing Adjust)
Carabiner (metal hook)
Certificate of Authenticity



Exercise log:



Warranty: 2 years


Instructions for use Kynett ULTIMATE Manual